Thank You for 20 Years & Counting!

To Our Customers:

This year, we celebrate 20 years of business at Netspend. In reaching this milestone anniversary, we reflect on our 20 years of providing individuals, and families, with safe, convenient and practical financial options. Some of you have been with us since the beginning, and some of you have only recently joined our cardholder community.  As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how thankful we are at Netspend for all our customers and for their business … from long-time cardholders to our newer individuals and their families.

What started as a unique “Netspend” prepaid card available through kiosks and vending machines has now grown into multiple Netspend, and partner-branded, physical and digital payment solutions and options for individuals who want more control over their personal finances, regardless of their personal consequences or financial history.  To make our products and services more accessible to you, and our prospective customers, we have established one of the largest distribution, and cash-load, networks across America with some of the best-known, recognizable and trusted brands in the country.  Simply put, we own this success to you!

Each and every one of our customers have numerous options when it comes to choosing where to keep, use and manage their hard-earned money … please know, we are truly honored to have you put your trust in us and we will work even harder to maintain that trust each and every day.  As we continue to develop and create more robust payment solutions, as well as digital product features, we will keep your financial security as our top priority.  Along with our focus on your security, we are committed to providing you with practical solutions that make it even easier for you to manage your daily finances and make purchases where you live, work, shop, engage and play.

Thank you for being a valued Netspend cardholder and for your role in our 20-year journey and helping us learn, evolve and service our customers … we look forward to continuing to serve you for years to come!

All the best,

Kelley Knutson

President, Netspend

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