Tip solutions that can help reduce cash payouts

We build solutions to solve the common challenges faced by many tipped businesses by helping them use digital tip distribution.

Tip solutions that can help reduce cash payouts

We build solutions to solve the common challenges faced by many tipped businesses by helping them use digital tip distribution.

What we do for you

We help you streamline your tip out process by allowing your employees to receive their tips digitally at the end of their shift. That means:

Netspend does not charge for this service, but your wireless carrier may charge for messages or data.

  • Less cash on hand is needed at your locations
  • Your process is simplified, which helps reduce time and errors associated with manually distributing tips
  • It’s a solution that works for restaurants, delivery services, salons… any business with tipped employees

How we help

Improve employee satisfaction and retention

Paying employees their tips sooner can help them manage everyday expenses. Our research shows that same-day access to tips is one of the top payroll options employees like to have offered.[1]

Less physical contact

Help reduce cash handling by increasing electronic disbursement of tips.

Reduce risk for employees

Tips can be loaded to an optional Skylight ONE® Card,[2] so your employees don’t have to walk out carrying cash at the end of the shift. And there’s less need to bring cash in-store for tip-outs.

Stay organized

Depending on how you integrate with us, customizable dashboards and reports to make tracking easy to access and review may be available. Track shifts, receipts, tip accounting and more. Viewable online or from a browser on any mobile device.[3]

How it works for your employees

Employees can opt to receive their tips one of two ways:

1. Paid by check or cash as part of your company’s regular payroll process

2. Directly loaded to the Paycard program offered by Netspend the same day[2]

Card usage is subject to card activation and identity verification.[2]

"65% of employees agree that they would rather work for an employer that gives them their tips digitally." [4]

2-day settlement

We offer 2-Day Settlement[5] allowing companies to reduce the amount of cash set aside every day for employee tipping purposes. We pay your employees’ tips that are paid to the optional Skylight ONE® Card,[2] and you make those funds available to us via ACH. That means less cash runs to the bank, and no more running out of cash at the end of the night.

The support you need from start to finish.

We provide you with personalized support from our team of experienced implementations managers who share the best practices we’ve learned from our years of experience. They will help onboard you and your employees to make sure your launch is a success.

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