Top Work-from-home Jobs With No Experience Required

Breaking into work-from-home jobs with no experience is a rarity, but there are several companies across various industries willing to take on fresh job seekers. This can create an employment route for: 

  • Students 
  • Caretakers 
  • Stay-at-home parents 
  • Retirees 
  • Those who find themselves between jobs 
  • Anyone looking to earn extra money online 
  • Those looking for a career change

Explore some of the more common work-from-home jobs that pay well with no experience, the basic conditions of the job, and what to look out for before hitting that "apply" button. 

Types of work-from-home jobs that usually don't require experience 

Certain job types fit the mold when it comes to work-from-home jobs that require no experience and offer an immediate start. These roles typically have the following characteristics: 

  • They're entry-level 
  • They only require basic skills often learned in a low-level educational setting 
  • The companies offer training 
  • The roles may require flexibility, for instance, to perform shift work 
  • The role is suited to remote work 
  • It offers freelance or contract work terms 
  • The completion of tasks and projects can be performed on the company's platform

These types of roles are available across several different industries, such as transcription services, customer service, education, and marketing agencies, and may include several pros and cons. Here are a few top choices to consider:

Customer service representative 

Customer service representatives (CSR) are usually the first line of contact a customer has with a company. They resolve basic queries and provide entry-level support. A CSR also moves along more technical service requests to the relevant departments. These roles are ideal as remote, no-experience jobs because: 

  • The company provides training. Many companies provide a training program so that there is a uniform way of dealing with customer concerns and queries. 
  • High demand. The need for staff to fill these positions quickly often outweighs the need for prior experience. 
  • Entry level. Entry-level positions of this nature often require basic skills and certain personality types above experience. 

When you apply for a job as a customer service representative, your future employer may require you to have access to basic systems. While some might expect you to have this available already, some employers provide the equipment to ensure uniformity and access to the right tools. 

For instance, Amazon work-from-home jobs often require agents to have headsets and minimum system requirements to access the client management software. These are shipped out to recruits to ensure ease of onboarding and to manage client expectations. 

Virtual assistant 

With the expected growth to $4 billion in 2025 for the freelance virtual assistant market, there's no denying that virtual assistance (VA) is increasing in demand. A virtual assistant takes care of the administration and scheduling tasks to free up their employer's hands. VA jobs are suitable for remote work where no experience is required because: 

  • Variety. There's no shortage of tasks a VA can complete. These include appointment setting and basic administration tasks. 
  • General skills. VAs provide a time-saving service to business owners and other freelancers that they don't have time for. This doesn't require previous experience but will require basic skills such as time management and organization. 
  • Training provided. Employers may want to use inexperienced VAs to train them on their processes and systems. 

While you can offer your services as a VA directly to customers, those new to the VA space may also want to consider applying at VA agencies as a freelancer. This opens up the door to a variety of clients and may also afford you the opportunity for free training. 


A transcriptionist listens to audio and then transcribes the files to text. An experienced transcriptionist takes around four to six hours to transcribe one hour of audio. However, many companies offer entry-level transcription roles. They're ideal for remote work because: 

  • The nature of the work. You only need access to a computer and decent noise-canceling headphones to work as a transcriptionist. Employers may even provide these requirements. 
  • Digital files. Transcribing simply requires the employee to have access to the digital files. 
  • You need to have a good ear. While experience can be helpful in terms of typing speed and deciphering intonations, you can work your way up the transcription career ladder. 

Transcription work is available across several industries. For instance, medical transcriptionist jobs from home require no experience in the medical field, just the ability to match typing speed and have a good handle on grammar. Transcribing also offers a decent entry-level income that averages around $21 per hour. 

Online Tutor or Teacher 

Programs such as TESOL and TEFL make it easier for those who have no prior teaching experience to enter the world of online education. TESOL is designed to teach English to individuals and groups who speak another language, whereas TEFL is used to teach English to foreign language students. These work well as work-from-home jobs, as they: 

  • Offer training. Basic tutoring and teaching posts offer basic training as there's a curriculum to follow. 
  • Don't require a degree. Some of the teaching positions don't require a degree, just the TESOL or TEFL certification. 
  • Are fully remote. These jobs can be entirely remote, and it's not uncommon for tutoring to take place across borders. 

While entry-level positions pay a minimum wage, it works well for students looking to earn an income while studying towards their teaching degree. Once they've obtained their degree, higher wages and the possibility of sponsored work in countries such as South Korea, Vietnam, and Spain open up. 

Are work-from-home jobs without experience required legit? 

Many legitimate work-from-home jobs require no previous experience available through reputable companies. A few simple checks should tell you whether to move on to another job listing or hit "apply." 

  • Legitimate, established company. Research the company posting the job. Check to see how long they've been in business, whether they have a rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and whether there are reviews from previous employees. 
  • Detailed job posting. Flimsy, non-commital job postings that don't give away any important information, such as the employer's name, possible salary band, or the details of the work required, should be regarded as a red flag. 
  • Upfront payment. No legitimate job will request upfront payment.
  • Too good to be true. If there's an unusually high salary with a no-experience, remote job, it might lead to a get-rich scheme or multi-level marketing (MLM) position. 

The truth about work-from-home jobs with no experience 

It's possible to find a remote position that requires no prior experience, but it may require some digging. These positions are usually entry-level and offer a basic pay rate but open the door to a work-from-home or a digital nomad lifestyle. If you want to know more about possible career and finance moves to make, follow the Netspend blog.

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