Want to Avoid ATM Fees? These Tips May Save You Money[*]

Updated August 26th, 2022

These simple tips can help you save on fees while you get the cash you need.

Pro Tip #1: Use the cash back option

You can't do this at every location, but oftentimes, grocery stores, retail locations, and other merchants will give you an option to add cash back to your purchase, which can help you save on ATM fees.  For Netspend Prepaid cards, select “DEBIT” and enter your PIN to get cash back when making purchases at many retailers and avoid those ATM fees! So why not get a few bucks out as well? Not only will you leave with cash in hand, but there will be no ATM fees associated with the transaction![1]

Stores often limit the amount that you can withdraw, so ask about the cash back limits at the places you frequent with a cash back option. That way you can plan ahead and make sure you have the cash you need, when you need it.


Pro Tip #2: Stick to your ATM network

One method of avoiding fees is opting for in-network ATMs.  Generally speaking, there are often more ATM fees involved when you go to an out-of-network ATM to withdraw cash.  Several banks have options to withdraw from their network of bank-owned ATMs for fee-free options.  Reach out to your bank to find out if your bank has this network of fee-free ATMs available and where to find the nearest in-network ATM to help save on fees.


Pro Tip #3: Avoid ATM fees with digital payments

You can avoid using cash altogether if digital wallets such as Apple Pay® or Google PayTM are accepted.  Before you go to a merchant, restaurant, or other establishment, check to see if you are able to pay with digital wallets and avoid those ATM fees. 

It is also becoming more common for companies to accept peer-to-peer payment methods such as Flash Pay,[2] Venmo, and CashApp.  Peer-to-peer payments link to your bank account and allow you to send money from your phone to the recipient or business.  No ATM fees involved!

And lastly, plan ahead.  Figure out how much cash you will need for the week (or even longer) and take it out in a lump sum.  You will, however, need to be aware of any withdrawal limits that do exist and plan accordingly. If you are able to keep some extra cash in your wallet at all times, then that’s great!  This can be your “cash-only” fund for those situations where only cash purchases are allowed.  By following these tips, you can seek out those in-network ATMs, cash back, and digital wallet options as a means to help you avoid ATM fees.

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