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Security features for your peace of mind.

Smart features for added security and confidence.

Keep your number undercover

Create a temporary virtual card number for more control over online transactions.1

Damaged or stolen new purchase?2

Purchase Assurance has you covered. Receive coverage on most items you bought with your Netspend Debit card within 90 days of purchase.

Secure your personal information with ID Theft Protection3

Receive alerts when sensitive data from your debit card, driver’s license or Social Security card is bought or sold online.

Locking a Netspend card on an iPhone

Card Controls

Wallet lost or stolen? Pause your card — breathe easier.

Secure your lost or stolen card quickly with our Card Controls feature until you're ready to go again.

Anytime Alerts™

Stay on top of your money with real-time alerts.

Sign up for Anytime Alerts™ and know whenever money is added to your account and available to spend, or when it's used for purchases.

Example Anytime Alerts dialog to enable notifications in app

Change the way you pay with Netspend®.

Get started today with no credit check4, activation fee5 or minimum balance required.