Netspend awarded Tameka toward her Associate’s Degree in Nursing.

My long term goal is to become a registered nurse that works with chemotherapy patients. My mom died of cancer, lung cancer to be exact, and I saw how my mother was mistreated just because she didn’t have insurance. I vowed that I wanted to be someone who makes a difference in this field.


Netspend awarded Olivia toward her Certificate in Information Technology.

A Netspend scholarship will allow me to attain an information technology certificate to qualify for an IT job with the federal government. I have been a government employee for the last seventeen years and my goal is to switch into an IT position within the next 3-4 years. I also plan on becoming debt free and assisting my daughter, who is in college, to be debt free when she earns her bachelor’s degree in two years.


Netspend awarded Monique toward her degree in Network Computer Systems – Help Desk AAS.

My long term goal is to gain employment at a corporation as their computer network administrator/analyst, train others, as well as maintain the integrity of the system based on the organization. I have years of experience at being a database administrator, but would like to learn the networking/systems side in order to be even more knowledgeable as a whole.


Netspend awarded Elease toward her Bachelor’s of Science in Communication.

My long term goals are to obtain my Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and to pursue my master’s degree immediately after. These degrees will help me better serve my community, and give me the education and experience needed to make a difference. I’m from a small town in Arkansas where few people of color receive degrees. The mentoring program that I am developing allows children to see that they can achieve dreams and goals regardless of any situation or obstacles. The Netspend scholarship would help me offset the cost of school and other related expenses, like a laptop and internet service.


Netspend awarded Jennifer toward her mortician-embalmer license.

My future goal is to be a successful mortician-embalmer, serving my community. This scholarship is vital. It will assist me with covering my first semester along with uniforms, labs, books, travel, and a new computer. Working full time with a teenager, mortgage, and car note is a lot, but I am determined to succeed. Having this scholarship affords me a life changing opportunity and another chance towards building stability and independence for myself and my son.