How to Use Mobile Check Deposits

A mobile check deposit is a service that allows you to deposit a paper check with a mobile device. Previously, you would have to find your nearest bank branch to deposit a check, but now you can do it from your smartphone or tablet. 

If you've never deposited a check through a mobile device before, keep reading to learn how to set up this process and get started.


How to deposit a check through mobile banking

1. Check if your bank offers mobile deposits

The very first step to take is to double-check to see if your current bank offers mobile deposits. Most modern banks let you deposit checks remotely if you use mobile banking. 

Next, if you haven't already, be sure to download your bank's mobile app to access the mobile deposit feature. 

In some cases, you may have to meet certain criteria to be able to use this service. For example, you may not be able to use the service if you're depositing in an international check or a money order. Some banks also have limits on the amount you can deposit, so be sure to check your bank's requirements first. 

2. Endorse your checks before depositing it

The next step to take is to endorse the check. This involves signing the check on the back. If the check is also made out to someone else, you will need to make sure it is properly endorsed. 

Banks may have different requirements for endorsing a check, so before you do anything, take a look at what you need to do to endorse it. If you don't endorse your check, this could lead to delays. 

3. Enter the required information on your check

Depending on your bank's requirements, you will need to provide some information about the check to deposit it. You may have to manually input details such as the amount on the check or the account you want to deposit the check into. 

4. Take a photo of the check

To take a photo of the check, it's really important to take a clear photo of the entire check. Start by laying the check on a flat surface in a well-lit area. 

Once you open your mobile banking app, you will be able to take a photo through that. You may have to manually give permission for the mobile app to use your camera. Simply position the camera over the check and use the rectangle on the screen to position it so that the check is fully within the rectangle. 

Tap the button to take a photo of the front and back of the check. Double-check to see if all the information is clearly visible before submitting it. 

5. Confirm the details and complete the deposit 

The last thing you need to do is review the details of the check to make sure everything is correct. Check that the name, amount, and account are all correct before submitting. 

Once you're sure everything's good to go, tap through the app prompts to complete the process. 

6. Wait for deposit confirmation (either through your mobile app or email)

Your bank will be in touch either through the mobile app or email to confirm that the check has been deposited. How quickly you have to wait for confirmation will depend on your bank. 

The funds can become available within one business day, but it can take longer. However, some financial institutions may also charge a fee if you want to access the funds immediately. If the check is for a large amount, this process may take longer. 

While you're waiting, keep your physical check in the meantime just in case it bounces, or there's another issue. Consider writing "void" or "deposited by mobile" on the check once it clears. 

If a week or two have gone by and you've heard no news, don't panic. Consider calling or visiting a bank branch with your original paper check as proof of deposit. They should be able to look into any issues for you. 


Mobile Deposits in Closing

Depositing checks with your mobile phone can make your life more convenient by saving you a trip to your bank’s branch or ATM.  It’s a modern-day approach to managing money that lets you cash checks from the comfort of your own home.  By following the tips shown above, this should help guide you through the process of depositing your checks online and address some of the issues that may arise when going through this process. 

However, as hiccups can always occur, if you experience any issues with depositing your check online and need further assistance, it is always best to check in with your Bank or financial institution.  They are the ones best suited to help with any specific issues that you are having with depositing your check on your mobile device and will be the best resource for these types of questions. 

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