Netspend to Offer Payment Solution for Video Game Industry

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July 21, 2021 — It’s no secret that the video game industry is big business. In 2019 alone, Americans spent over $50 billion on their video gaming needs, from in-game purchases, peripherals, and hardware. Gaming is continuing to tighten its grasp on players' interest and wallets as a recent survey indicates video gamers in the United States reported they spent 45% more time playing video games during their time in lockdown. Video gamers everywhere now have another flexible payment solution when it comes to paying for their gaming needs.  Netspend’s Payment Solutions has launched a tailored solution for gaming companies designed specifically for their customers' spending needs.

Through Netspend’s current Payment Solutions offerings, gamers or their parents can change the game of managing their gaming spend. These payment solutions offer gamers the ability to:

  • More game time, less hassle: Level up by reloading[1] funds to your card so that gamers can spend more time in the game.
  • Keep gaming funds separate: Players can increase stats, not stress, by keeping their gaming funds separate from their credit, and other debit or bank accounts.
  •  Use in-game, online, and in-store: A seamless payment experience regardless of where you play your games.
  • Transfer funds[2] like magic: Gamers or parents can add funds to the card from right where they are through platforms like Venmo or Paypal.

The benefits of Netspend Payment Solutions also extend throughout the entire video game value chain as Netspend continues to serve our customers in this continuously developing industry. The availability of this video game payment solution allows 3rd party providers a host of benefits that enhance and deepen the existing value of their game play. By offering this new flexible payment option, video game providers can:

  • Deepen Customer Loyalty: Keep your players’ attention by offering them additional payment methods and features, like payroll direct deposit, that keep them active and spending more within your platform while driving better customer lifetime value.
  • Drive Spend and Engagement: You already did the hard work to get them to your game; keep them there with a product that is reloadable and manageable.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Deliver a convenient payment experience for all gaming purchases, whether they’re in-game, online, or in-store.
  • Maximize Revenue: In working with Netspend, you’re not only offering your customers an industry-leading product, but ensuring your team the quality execution, marketing expertise, customer success, and beyond that you expect from your financial services partner.

The availability of the Netspend Payment Solution is truly game-changing for the entire gaming industry: both gamers and video game providers. As a true partner to this ever-changing audience, Netspend is committed to providing payment solutions that give gamers convenient ways to manage their money with freedom and control so that they can keep their head in the game.

“We recognize the significant opportunities the video game space has for payments providers,” said Walt Granville, SVP of Partnerships, Netspend. “It’s why our team believes that our Netspend Payment Solutions and their features, like payroll direct deposit, make the ultimate difference in helping customers make frictionless transactions on-the-go and faster access to daily purchases.”

To learn more about how our payment solutions can help you drive loyalty, engagement, and better user experience for your gaming business, contact Marc Gendron, VP of Business Development at or (559) 326-6287.