Netspend Scholarship Program Opens 2023 Applications Program Designed to Help Customers Achieve Their Academic and Professional Goals

March 16, 2023 - In the spirit of delivering a wealth of kindness to our community, Netspend is pleased to announce the opening of its 2023 scholarship program for customers who are looking to pursue their academic and professional goals. The Netspend Scholarship Program, which was founded in 2017, aims to provide access to education, skill-building, and resources that allow our customers to increase earning power, improve quality of living, and reach their full potential. 

This year’s scholarship program is a notable one and will mark an important giving milestone for Netspend: more than $1 million in education scholarships have been given since the scholarship program was established in 2017.

Our scholarship program grants tuition assistance to deserving Netspend customers – helping them pay for the education needed to gain new skills and earn better-paying jobs. Our educational scholarships provide support for customers who are looking to attend vocational or trade schools, community colleges, or university programs.

“Our customers are working hard to improve their lives and we’re thrilled to have even a small role in helping them accomplish their career goals,” said Kelley Knutson, President of Netspend. “We’re dedicated to helping our customers achieve financial freedom. Our scholarship program has provided more than 389 Netspend customers with a leg up in achieving their career and financial goals and we look forward to the opportunity to continue our giving into 2023 and beyond.”

Netspend’s 2023 Scholarship Program is accepting applications from March 1 – April 17. To learn more about the Netspend Scholarship Program, including eligibility requirements, and to start an application, visit


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