Netspend Dontates $45K in Gear and Scholarships to the Austin High Lady Maroons Soccer Team

February 22, 2023 - Netspend is thrilled to share a new sponsorship supporting the Austin High Lady Maroons Soccer Team and to have made a $45,000 donation—the largest the team has ever received. This contribution, which will provide uniforms, gear, safe transportation to games, and two $5000 college scholarships, reflects our organizational commitment to giving back to the community and supporting youth through education.



To kick off the new sponsorship, Netspend President Kelley C. Knutson attended the team’s first home game of the season, which was also teacher appreciation night. Knutson cheered on the Lady Maroons and helped mark teacher night by handing out $50.00 gift cards. to 27 teachers selected by the varsity players. It was a fantastic event that brought together the players, teachers and families.




“It’s important we give back to the community in meaningful ways. Through this donation, we can play a role in helping these inspiring young athletes achieve their dreams both as soccer players and off the field through the scholarship contribution, as we believe that education is a path to empowerment and success,” says Netspend President Kelley C. Knutson.




Thank you to everyone who attended the game to celebrate the players and teachers and the start of this new partnership. We look forward to cheering the team on for the rest of the season and seeing all that the players will accomplish.



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