Get Direct Deposits 2 Days Faster

Prepaid Card Direct Deposit

The easy and free way to add money to your NetSpend Prepaid Debit Card.

How It Works

Setting up Direct Deposit is easy, no matter where the deposit is coming from.
  • Paychecks

    All or part of your paycheck can be directly deposited to your card account. Existing cardholders can log in to the online Account Center to print out a direct deposit form. Fill it out and give it to your employer. The form will include both a bank routing number (sometimes referred to as the 'ABA Routing Number') and your card account number.

    Your employer is responsible for making your paycheck available on your payday. NetSpend makes those funds available to you as soon as we receive them.

  • Tax Refunds

    Do you want to get your Federal and State tax refunds faster than by mail? Just have them deposited electronically directly into your NetSpend card account.

  • State and Federal Government Benefits

How Long Will It Take To Set Up Direct Deposit?

It can take between 1 and 2 pay periods for Direct Deposit to begin. Ask your employer for more information.

How Much Will It Cost?

Direct Deposit is free for both you and your payment provider

The Power of Direct Deposit

Deposit money to your account without the hassles of paper checks. With free Direct Deposit, funds are added electronically by your employer or the government.
  • Get Paid Up to 2 Days Faster1

    Your money is available as soon as it is deposited to your card account. There's no waiting for a check to clear. When you sign up for Anytime AlertsTM, you'll know the instant your money is available.

  • It's Safe and Convenient

    Since your money is deposited electronically, there's no risk of a check getting lost or stolen. Plus, no need to visit the bank or wait in line to cash a check.

  • You Can Avoid Check-Cashing Fees

    Direct deposit is absolutely FREE. Pay NO check cashing or load fees for the checks you have direct deposited to your card account.

  • You're in Control of Your Money

    You control how much of each check is deposited - it doesn't have to be the full amount of the check.

We Won't Hold Your Money!

NetSpend gives you access to your money as soon as the funds are electronically deposited to your card account - that's up to 2 days faster than you'd expect.1

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1 The card account must be active (that is, a purchase, load, or cash withdrawal has occurred, or a balance inquiry fee was incurred over a 90-day period) and in good standing in order for electronic direct deposits to be credited. Processing of a direct deposit requires that the name associated with the direct deposit be the same as the name associated with the card account. Card load limits apply. Faster access to funds is based on comparison of traditional banking policies versus electronic direct deposit.

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