Expense Management

The Prepaid Way to Manage Business Expenses

The Netspend® Expense Management Prepaid Mastercard® gives businesses visibility and control. No credit check required.[1]

Card usage is subject to card activation and identity verification.


Control the funds you distribute.

You are in control of what your employees have and when they have it. You can move only the funds you want to make available to an employee, and you can be notified whenever purchases occur.[2] Plus, you can view transactions made through Expense Cards from your Online Account Center Dashboard or Mobile App.[2]


A solution for the business expense dilemma.

For many businesses, the options are not great for letting employees make purchases. But Netspend Expense Management is a prepaid product, which means your employees can spend for your business without you having to:

  • Give employees your credit card
  • Make sure there is enough petty cash on hand
  • Reimburse employees who spend their own funds

Convenient to add money and distribute funds.

Once you are enrolled, here’s how you get started:

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    Fund your account by ACH or wire transfer

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    Get cards in the names of your employees, teams, or even specific uses[3]

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    Move money to and from your employees’ Expense Cards[4]

The flexibility your business needs.

No two businesses are the same, that’s why Netspend Expense Management gives you the flexibility to make it work for your business needs.

  • Move money to and from your employee Expense Cards as often as you want
  • Open and close employee Expense Cards from your desktop or mobile device[2]
  • Choose from three fee plan options

The Netspend Expense Management Prepaid Mastercard

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