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Paying Tipped Workers in a World of Contactless Payments

Watch to learn how contactless payments are changing the way tipped workers are paid.

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Adapting During Crisis: A Convergence of Two Key Trends Has Restaurants Rethinking Tip and Expense Payouts

In early 2020, more than a quarter of the workforce and about 1/3 of restaurant workers[1] were already struggling with feelings of financial insecurity. In fact, Google searches for “financial health” grew more than 200% from March 8 – 14, 2020, alone...

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Case Study: Barteca Restaurant Group Simplifies Tip Payout, and Increases Accuracy with Netspend Tip Network

Barteca Restaurant Group operates 29 restaurants across eight states, staffing up to 80 employees per location. With a staff in the thousands, Barteca knew its employees were handling large amounts of cash to pay out daily tips...

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Three Ways Paycards Help Employers Support Financial Inclusion

More than eight million households across the U.S. are unbanked[2], many of whom operate in a cash-only financial system. This unbanked population carries the burden of navigating alternative financial solutions to pay bills, make purchases, budget and save money. Being unbanked or financially underserved comes at a price for the more than...

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