Best Side Hustles to Increase Your Monthly Income

There are two ways to help accelerate your savings or pay down more debt each month: you can spend less, or you can earn more. Since cutting costs can sometimes be challenging in a difficult economy, figuring out ways to boost your monthly income with a side hustle can be an appealing option.

But which jobs work best for those with busy schedules? And how can you earn more money quickly? The best side hustles to make money are the ones that work for you and your schedule. And by working just a few extra hours a week at your side gig, you can start to steadily increase your overall monthly income.

Best side hustles for 2022

As the market changes, jobs change too. Side hustles are projected to still be in demand this year. Is one of these top picks right for you? 


If you provide a creative, marketing, or financial service, you could try offering your skills outside of your full-time job as a freelancer. Ideas include freelance writer, editor, videographer, illustrator, social media manager, or even bookkeeper. Be sure to check with your employment agreement to make sure it doesn't specifically prohibit you from working for your own clients outside of your day job. Some employers have non-compete clauses that say you can't take your talents elsewhere while still working for them.

Online reseller

If you have an eye for trends and what people are buying, you could try reselling vintage, designer, or pop culture items on sites like eBay, Etsy, or Poshmark. Each site appeals to a different market, so know what items will sell best before you list. If you know where to find items at a great price, you can "flip" them to eager buyers who will pay top dollar to get their hands on hard-to-find collectibles, fashion, and more.

Pet sitter or walker

People love their pets and are willing to pay as much to have them cared for as they would a baby! If you have a soft spot for furry friends, consider offering your time to walk, groom, or simply sit and keep a pet company while their owners are at work or on vacation. This job usually requires you to have references since people won't want to leave their pets with just anyone. With a few satisfied customers, however, you can make cash in a high-demand industry with very flexible hours.

Delivery driver

The pandemic changed how we shop, with many consumers sticking to their grocery, restaurant, and pharmacy deliveries long after in-person shopping opened back up. Because of this, there is a high demand for drivers to work with delivery services like UberEats, InstaCart, and GrubHub. These jobs are nice because they let you work just the hours that conveniently work with your schedule. Pick up a few delivery routes here and there and watch the dollars add up.

Online tutor

Some teachers have found tutoring to be a great way to earn money on the weekends and over the summer, but you don't have to be a certified teaching professional to help educate others. In fact, many online tutors just need to have a good grasp of the subject they are teaching and — in some cases — a four-year college degree. Tutoring on your own is a possibility, but working with a tutoring company helps set you up with a technical platform and clients. If you love explaining concepts to others and have good communications skills, tutoring may be your ticket to more income next month.

Know how your side hustle income helps you meet your goals

Some of the gigs on this list require you to invest a small amount to get started. Delivery services, for example, require a vehicle and fuel costs to take on work. And reselling items requires you to buy things before you can sell them. To keep within your budget and not lose more money than you make, track each expense you incur and match it to your earnings. If you find that you aren't making money — or end up losing money — it may be time to try a new side hustle.


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