Netspend Creative Team Wins in Five Categories at the 2021 American Graphic Design Awards

JANUARY 25, 2022 - At Netspend, creativity serves as one of our driving forces, from innovating payment processing to connecting customers to the financial independence that matters most to them. Our own in-house graphic design team has the unique lens to understand the features of our products that mean the most to our customers and highlight them in a unique and engaging way.

Headed by Creative Director Erin Waddington and supported by a dedicated team of art directors, designers, and copywriters including Jen Gambertoglio, Emily Eisenberg, Jennifer Garcia, Jon Carrillo, Erin Tongay, Mary Grillet, and many more work together to create attractive, eye-catching creative paired with concise, catchy copy to showcase the entire suite of financial products and services in a way that’s visually pleasing to the eye while captivating to the consumer.

The Netspend team has consistently refined their craft and was recently recognized for their talents nationally in bringing our meaningful message to market. At the 2021 American Graphic Design Awards, the Netspend team took home a grand total of five awards for outstanding graphic design work.

“I’m beyond proud,” said Erin Waddington, Creative Director, on all five of the winning campaigns. “Our team works tirelessly to deliver creative we can all feel good about, and out of all the projects we’ve delivered; I know we’re all especially proud of the campaigns that won awards in this competition. There was so much genuine creativity and ingenuity behind each of them, and I’m grateful to Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) for recognizing their efforts, and to Netspend for supporting us every step of the way.”

When looking at each of the Netspend ads displayed on the GDUSA website, the recognition speaks for itself. The first, titled Batter Up $5000 Sweeps Campaign, announced a partnership between Netspend and Major League Baseball, fittingly featuring bold, monochromatic designs reminiscent of sports memorabilia like t-shirts and jerseys.

The second campaign, a refreshed Netspend for Business branding, featured a charming minimalist design that feels both fresh and professional. The next two campaigns on the site are the Take Two! Double Your Payday campaign, an ad equally as informative as it is brightly colored and fun as well as the partnership campaign with the WWE, appropriately titled Welcome to the Ring, whose standout design rivals the flare and showmanship of the WWE itself.

Last but certainly not least is a video submission titled Take Netspend with You, a snappy ad that relays the ease and convenience of shopping with Netspend in an impressively short amount of time. Each of them are colorful, attractive, and expertly tailored to their target audience.

Whether the team is working on their own advertising projects in-house or offering their talents to our clients and partners, Netspend has creativity covered. From outbound marketing to B2B, from the baseball diamond to the WWE, our dedicated team of designers, directors, and copywriters are ready for anything, and is sure to win plenty more awards along the way.