Tools and features for success

How Tip Network gives corporate, managers, and employees the information they need through a tip system that is flexible to use.

Must pass due diligence to qualify for T+2 and instant payments.

T+2 Settlement

Tip Network offers T+2 Settlement,[1] the program that allows companies to handle employee tipping without having to pre-fund a master settlement account. We front you the money for that day’s tips, and you pay it back within 2 days. That means less cash runs to the bank, and no more running out of cash at the end of the night.

Back of house tools

Whether it’s on individual shifts and location payroll to roll-up reporting for corporate, Tip Network helps organize your data and document it in accurate and readable formats. Custom reports can be built, and you can even control who has access and approval permissions to the data. Whether through your POS system, or through one of our other options, the tools you need are available to meet your individual needs.

Multi-account settlement

Tip Network won’t get in the way of your current banking practice. Each location can settle their accounts to as many individual bank accounts as you need. You just tell us where you send money to or draw money from.

Netspend does not charge for this service, but your wireless carrier may charge for messages or data.

Employee dashboards

Employees can get detailed information about what they have earned, and when they earned it.

  • Individual shift information
  • Historical data
  • Earnings and payments information
  • Weekly summary emails
  • Forecasts and expected earnings

Plus, employees can be notified by text message as soon as their tips are available.[2]

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