Streamline payments, delight your customers and transform your business.

Netspend’s powerful embedded payment solutions seamlessly integrate with your business—for exceptional experiences that keep your customers coming back.

Digital Banking

Create a whole new revenue stream with banking services. 

  • Use our open APIs to offer a rich, tailored digital banking experience for direct deposit, cash and mobile check loads, ATM withdrawals, rewards, savings accounts and more.
  • Enable quick spending and reduce payment friction: open accounts and instantly issue virtual cards.
  • Customize virtual and physical cards to promote your brand.
  • Access real-time data insights to help you optimize your program for growth.

Netspend is a financial technology company. Banking services are provided by our bank partners.

Netspend is a financial technology company. Banking services are provided by our bank partners.

Digital Wallets

Increase conversions and deliver a seamless commerce experience with a payment account embedded directly into your app.

  • Reduce friction caused when customers leave your brand experience to pay.
  • Increase adoption and security by instantly issuing virtual cards directly into digital wallets for contactless payments.
  • Make real-time account transfers to move money in minutes.
  • Deliver tailored rewards your customers truly value.
  • Cardholder and spending data help optimize your brand experiences.

Dynamic Payment Accounts

Let cardholders share and spend funds in new ways.

  • Sophisticated payment accounts with real-time account spending and usage rules offer more control over fraud and risk, and better cash management.
  • Set limits on when, where, and how often a card can be used.
  • Layered account structures including sub-accounts provide controls across multiple users at scale.
  • Cardholder data and insights help you streamline operations and optimize customer experiences.                     

Your expert partner and guide.

We handle the complexities of payments, including fraud management, technology and infrastructure, enabling you to deliver embedded finance for your customers within your existing ecosystem. The customer experience – and the customer – stay with you.

As your go-to-market experts, we deliver:

  • Deep partnership from setup to launch, scaling operations and customer service.
  • A proprietary payment processing platform for direct control of features, enabling fast, more seamless integrations and customer experiences.
  • Advanced fraud controls and case management.
  • A network of partners already integrated with Netspend, including banks, card networks, distributors, money movement and others.
  • Real-time data insights to help optimize customer experiences.

Transform your payment experience.

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