Embedded Finance

Uniting finance and technology to increase brand value, user loyalty and revenues.

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Enhanced quality experiences 

Customers want convenience and quality experiences from brands they trust and use the most. By offering the best embedded finance solutions, you can meet their needs, and enhance the experience.

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Deliver more for your customers

Today’s highly competitive, digital-first economy is driving consumers toward brands that can offer them the most seamless, fast, and convenient online buying experience possible.

  • Consumer expectations for digital delivery and convenience have reached an all-time high[1]
  • Companies without ‘simple’ experiences leave behind 98 billion in combined revenue every year[2]
  • As many as 67% of your customers prefer self-service to talking with a representative[3]

Juniper Research “Embedded Finance Market Value To Exceed $138 Billion In 2026, As Apis Intensify Fintech Competitive Landscape”, July 2021; https://www.juniperresearch.com/press/press-releases/embedded-finance-market-value-to-exceed-138bn

One of the fastest-growing 
digital service trends

Direct-to-consumer ecommerce companies are using innovative solutions, including Embedded Finance, to create a stronger market position, drive growth, and increase customer loyalty.

Download the latest insights on the future of embedded finance, how these solutions are benefiting online brands, and what to look for in a partner.[4]