PaymentsJournal Talks Digital Disbursements with Netspend SVP Jeff Johnson

Netspend Senior Vice President for Commercial Prepaid Jeff Johnson recently spoke with PaymentsJournal about the use of prepaid for small businesses, including how real-time payments and digital disbursements can revolutionize a company’s disbursement model. Jeff shared details on how Netspend delivers a full suite of prepaid options for its clients, focused on addressing cardholder needs while eliminating unnecessary business costs and streamlining operations.

“Millennials, gig workers and 8-to-5 employees expect to be provided different options of pay, more flexibility in their pay, more security in their pay,” explained Johnson. “At Netspend, we’re really excited about the opportunities of real-time payments, digital disbursements and all the pieces that can create a more efficient disbursement model for any company.”

Jeff also shared the qualities that businesses could consider when adding prepaid to their payroll programs, including finding the right partner that can provide a full-service solution, flexible enrollment options, multiple card distribution solutions, built-in card inventory management and a robust interface.

The full interview is available here.