Multi-Factor Authentication is Here

Adding an extra layer of security to your Netspend applications.

What is MFA?

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an enhanced layer of security that leverages more than one factor (i.e. a one time code in addition to password alone) to verify program or system access.

What you need to do to set up MFA

Users will need to validate the device they are using to access any Netspend-hosted application by entering a code that has been sent (at each user's option) via SMS text to their mobile device, to their email, or via voice call to their mobile device or landline.

You log in to application

When you enter your credentials in the application, the system will determine if MFA is required for that login.

You select method for validation code

You will select where Netspend should send the validation code via SMS test to moble device, email, or voice(call to mobile device or landline).

You enter the validation code

After you receive the validation code via your selected method, you will enter that code where indicated on the login flow.

You are logged in to application

Once successful in providing the validation code, you will be directed to the application home page as normal.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend all users to use Google Chrome™, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari® browsers for the most optimized experience.

If you re logging in to any Netspend hosted application as a manager, you will be required to verify with MFA every time it has been 24 hours since your last MFA verification. MFA is also required if you sign in from a new device or web browser.

NOTE: Employees who log in to the Wage Statements or Tip Network applications will be required to verify with MFA every 45 days to maintain secure access to the application.

Employees will have five attempts to enter the correct code before they are locked out and need admin assistance to reset. If you are an administrator, simply find that employee in your Wage Statements Admin settings and reset their MFA. Please alert that employee that an MFA reset will require them to register their device with MFA again. If you are not an administrator, feel free to contact your administrator or reach out to Client Services at

Employees will have five attempts to log in using MFA before they are locked out of the Tip Network application. If this happens, the employee will need to contact to get unlocked.

Your authentication method options could be:

  1. Your verified email, which was used during the Netspend-hosted application login process.
  2. A text message (SMS) to your mobile phone1.
  3. A voice call to your mobile device or landline.

If you have not received your verification code, try these methods of troubleshooting:

  1. Have a code sent to you again a sent code expires after five minutes. 
  2. Use your backup factor if one was registered. 
  3. Check your spam or junk folder within your emails for the verification code. 
  4. If you still do not receive the code using another method, contact your administrator or reach out to Client Services at

Tip Network clients, please reach out to Client Support at

Yes. Each application will handle and track MFA separately. If you use multiple applications, you will need to complete MFA setup and verification for each one during login.

If you are able to manage your profile inside of the application, there will be a link in your settings to make changes to your authentication methods. 

Contact your administrator or reach out to Client Services at to perform a MFA reset. Please know that MFA reset will require you to register your device with MFA again.

If you are a Tip Network™ client, please reach out to Client Support at

Multi-Factor Authentication disclosures


1 Netspend does not charge for this service, but your wireless carrier may charge for messages or data

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