Employee Spending, Now Under Your Control

Gain visibility and control over how your employees spend your business’ money with employee subaccounts[1]

Card use and features are subject to activation and ID verification.[2]

Because employee expenses aren’t going anywhere

Sometimes, you need an employee to buy office supplies or gas up a truck because you can’t do it all yourself. Traditionally, your options were to reimburse them, give them cash up front, or to hand over your card.

Now you can create an employee subaccount, which gives them their own prepaid card tied to your Netspend Small Business Prepaid Mastercard® Account. Then, just add money to their card when you need to, and take it back when they are done.

Track and control where your employees can spend, and how much

Here’s how employee subaccounts work:

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    Create a subaccount for an employee in your Online Account Center.[1] They will need to pass an ID verification[2] for their subaccount to be created.

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    Add the amount of money an employee needs for a one-time purchase, or add a larger amount so the employee can make purchases over time.

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    When an employee makes purchases, you can track the transaction information through the Online Account Center or in the Mobile App.[3]

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    Return any leftover funds to the Master Account in just a few clicks.

Add up to 10 cards to your account

With a standard Netspend Small Business Prepaid Mastercard Account, you can open up to 2 subaccounts. Need more than that? Verify your business[2] (required within 30 days of card activation for every business type except sole-proprietors) and you can open up to 10 employee subaccounts.[1]

Plus, once you verify your business,[2] you can add your business name to your cards, too.[4]

Manage your subaccounts from the office or on the go

Whether you are creating a new subaccount, adding or subtracting money, or even closing a subaccount, you can take care of it all through the Online Account Center or Mobile App.[3]

The Netspend Small Business Prepaid Mastercard

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