The process

Inserting Tip Network into your shift process and tip accounting means removing lots of complexity along the tip network workshow tip network works

Implementation options

Every restaurant is unique, with their own systems and processes. We have integration options to match almost anything you throw at us.

  • Work from your web browser


    The simplest way to pay your staff. TipSimply is a browser-based tool that gives your managers the ability to allocate funds to staff on demand. There is no installation or integration required. Just log on and go.

    Who it is good for:

    • Businesses that have a simple tip-out system, and limited tip sharing.
  • For stores that pool tips

    TipSimply Plus

    The same as TipSimply, but for businesses that tend to pool tips. You can choose how you want to split tips up among your waitstaff and other employees, including even splits, by hours worked, or weighted hours.

    Who it is good for:

    • Teams that pool tips on a regular basis
  • A deeper level of integration

    TipSimply API

    Your system communicates with the Tip Network system on the back end, so that you can customize and adapt store interaction with us.

    Who it is good for:

    • Companies that have some technical support, and want a seamless integration
  • Get organized


    We work with you to create templates for shifts that make sense for your organization, so that you can be set up to digitize your tip-out process successfully. A more manual process for managers, but a more robust solution as well.

    Who it is good for:

    • Businesses that have a complex tip out policy that changes on a day-to-day basis, or that currently operate with pen and paper to close out shifts

We work with you every step

No matter what implementation is right for you, we’ll help you every step of the way to make sure you are successful.

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