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The Future of Tipping is Here

How tip-out software simplifies tip management and checkouts, and allows you to digitally transfer funds.

Tired of checkout slips, spreadsheets, and cash envelopes?

Payout today. Fund later.
Netspend Tip Network floats your funds through T+2 Settlement[1] to provide payments with no pre-funding requirements.

Integrate with your POS
Tip Network works seamlessly with the most popular POS systems on the market.

Save time
The automated Tip Network checkout process reduces human error and saves managers’ time.

Simple tracking and reporting
Customizable reporting dashboards for both managers and employees make tracking easy to access and review. Track shifts, receipts, tip accounting and reporting, and more.

Safety and convenience
The funds can be loaded to an optional Skylight ONE® Card[2] reducing the wait for top-out payments, and your employees don’t have to walk out carrying cash at the end of the night.

Card usage and features are subject to card activation and identity verification.[2]

How we help

Tip Network can streamline the tip distribution process for one or multiple locations and tips can be distributed directly to your staff.

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    Skylight ONE Card

    Employees can choose to receive their tips after each shift directly to a Skylight ONE Card Account.

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    Tips can be routed through the company’s payroll process.

Stop guessing about how much cash you need.

Tip Network offers T+2 Settlement,[1] the program that allows companies to pay tips without having to pre-fund a master settlement account. We front you the money for that day’s tips, and you pay it back within 2 days. That means less cash runs to the bank, and no more running out of cash at the end of the night.


Implement Tip Network

Flexible implementation options

Whether you work on the top POS system on the market, or on the back of envelopes, we have a way to integrate with you.

POS integration
Automate tips and tip-out calculations directly with standard POS systems.

Even if we don’t integrate directly with your POS, you can upload a pre-formatted CVS file with all your shift information in one batch.

Manually calculate check-outs and make tipping out and tip pools a breeze.

Select an employee, enter the tip amount, and press send.

API Integration
Pay tips on autopilot by plugging into our API to sync employee data, create shifts, and allocate funds.

See how it works


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    Flexible shift templates

    Shift templates can be customized to best fit your business, by day and/or shift.

  • real-time flagging icon

    Real-time flagging

    If an employee tips-out less than your house policy, we’ll ‘red flag’ it for you.

  • powerful tip reports icon

    Powerful reporting

    Review detailed tip reports for any shift, person, or group.

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    Unlimited payouts to Skylight ONE Cards

    Pay as many people as you need, whether you distribute funds to 1 employee or 1,000 at a time.

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    Corporate dashboard

    View and manage all locations from one program dashboard.

  • manage employee spending icon

    Employee access

    Provide your employees with access to their tip history, insights about their shift, and the ability to manage their personal preferences.

Good for you. Good for your employees.

Employees can choose to have their tips loaded to a Skylight ONE Card after each shift, which means less risk associated with walking out with cash each night. They can use their cards to make purchases online or in-store, anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. Plus, all funds are FDIC-insured by card’s issuing bank.

Each employee also has a customizable dashboard to view shifts worked or payments received, plus they’ll receive weekly updates on how much they’ve made compared to previous weeks.

The support you need from start to finish.

We provide you with personalized support from our first conversation through implementation, and customized training for you and your employees.

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