Add the benefits of an established payments product line and proven revenue stream to your business.

Prepaid Cards vs Bank Accounts

Not sure which payment product is right for your customers? Netspend prepaid cards are our cornerstone product offering we have been perfecting since 1999, while our new bank accounts offer the benefits of banking with the power of Netspend features.

  • Prepaid Cards
    • No credit check needed
    • Direct Deposit available
    • No minimum balance
    • Earn cash back

  • Bank Accounts
    • All the benefits of a prepaid card
    • Earn interest
    • Optional overdraft protection

Improve customer loyalty

Drive engagement and repeat visits through Netspend’s wide variety of branded payment products. Your customers get a powerful purchasing tool – and a reason to come back.

Increase customer store visits and share of basket

When you become a part of our reload network you strengthen customer engagement, foot traffic, and repeat visits to your store.

Put your card portfolio to work for you

Our auditing, inventory operations, and management tools help you stay up-to-date and on-track with our card programs. Put control into the palm of your hands with our online management resources.[2]

Increase revenue. Dive into insights.

Gain incremental revenue opportunities through card activations and cash reloads. Capture important customer insights through aggregate cardholder purchase and behavioral data.

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Take it to the next level

Strengthen your brand and customer loyalty by white labeling our products. Partnering with Netspend means you’ll have a customized program just for your business, all to help broaden your brand’s reach.

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