Enrollment & distribution

  • Multiple card distribution options

    Give employees an instant issue pack and get them started or provide their information to us to put personalized cards in their hands.

  • Flexible enrollment process

    Enroll multiple employees at one time through batch processing, or update individual employees. Both options are available in the Corporate Portal.

  • Built-in card inventory management

    Order new instant issue cards manually and set up automatic card shipments. You won’t run out, and your employees will be supported.

Funding & management

  • Fund employee accounts

    Distributing money to your employees is all done through the Corporate Portal, so it only takes a few clicks.

  • Online account access

    Access to your Skylight PayOptions account is at your fingertips through the Corporate Portal.

  • Robust reporting tools

    Audit your program, create personalized reports, and monitor your account usage to get the information you need, when you need it.

Stay in compliance

The program is designed to comply with state wage and hour laws that govern payroll cards to help you meet your regulatory obligations.

compliance illustration

Available value-add features

  • SkyPosit

    Fund accounts through the Corporate Portal through a one-time load or loads to multiple cards, and submit to custom distribution groups.

  • Online wage statement

    Access employee data and run reports online. Implementation is simple, and there’s convenient access for your employees, too.

  • Electronic W2 statements

    Statements are formatted to current IRS requirements and available to all employees—even those who don’t participate in the Skylight PayOptions Program.

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