Employees Win with the Skylight ONE Card

For employees, the Skylight PayOptions™ Program does more to help them get paid. It’s also a powerful tool for money management.

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Fee-free access to 100% of wages.[1]

Skylight ONE Cardholders can access 100% of their wages, through:

Over-the-counter cash.
From more than 122,000 Visa® or Mastercard® member banks

The Skylight Check.
A paper check given to all Cardholders, letting them access 100% of their funds in cash, totally free, from over 8,800 locations[2]

Plus, Cardholders can get cash back at point of sale at participating merchants, through Surcharge-Free ATMs, and spend where Visa debit or Debit Mastercard is accepted.

A card program full of features.

With a Skylight ONE Card, employees have access to some of the best features in the industry, like:

  • Online account access
  • A mobile app
  • Cash back at point of sale
  • Text and email alerts
  • Budgeting tools
  • Prescription Savings Cards[3]

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