How Companies Use SmartOne™ Today

Our clients use SmartOne to distribute corporate funds to customers, employees,[1] and even contractors and partners of their unique businesses. These are just a few of the ways we help.


Endless possibilities for your customer-base.

Proper motivation is a key to driving customer behavior. Distributing cash rewards in the form of Prepaid Cards helps with:

Acquisition – Convince potential customers to become new customers

Loyalty – Express appreciation to long-term brand loyalists

Sweepstakes – Send prizes to customers to incentivize behavior

Rebates – Distribute rebate payments after purchases

Surveys – Increase customer research participation


Recognize. Motivate. Reward.

Your business has no greater asset than your employees, and rewarding them is a snap with SmartOne Cards. Our client’s employees receive SmartOne Cards for:

Spiffs – Spot bonuses for salespeople who meet or exceed goals

Wellness Programs – Rewards for employees who take specific steps to live healthier lifestyles

Employee Appreciation – Contributions to show how much you value your team


Simplified distribution.

When distributing funds is a crucial part of your day-to-day business, you need a simple method. Today, SmartOne Cards are used to distribute:

  • charity icon

    Charitable Donations

    Deliver donations straight into the hands of those who need them

  • refunds & rebates icon

    Refunds and Rebates

    Issue refunds or deliver rebates to customers in a convenient way

  • loans icon

    Loans and Structured Payments

    Allocate regularly distributed funds to customers

  • insurance icona

    Insurance Payments

    Pay claims to a card

Case studies, strategies, and insights.

Read about how SmartOne helps businesses like yours, and learn more about using incentives and rewards in your business.

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