Custom-built solutions to reinforce your value

Develop trust, loyalty, and engagement with employees and customers through tailored, branded incentive programs that all your teams will appreciate.[1] Our streamlined process lets you set up your account and get programs in market when you need them.

A program tailored for your business

  • Customers

    Reward loyalty, drive better engagement, and influence behavior

  • Employees

    Motivate your team with on-the-spot awards, sales bonuses and spiffs programs. Celebrate employee achievements, or provide money for benefits and special events

  • Insights

    Self-manage your programs online to order and fund cards, view order and payment history, track card shipments

Online control of your program

Self-manage all aspects of your incentives program using the Netspend Corporate Portal:

  • Order multiple cards with one design or different designs for each card
  • Customize cards for any need and quickly fund your cards
  • Mail cards to individuals or in bulk to your business
  • Manage in-house card inventory for quick distribution

How it works

  • Customize

    Customize cards with designs and use to fit any need

  • Order and Fund

    Order and fund cards through your personalized Corporate Portal

  • Distribute

    Send cards to individuals in the mail or bulk ship them to your business for in-person distribution

Implement and go

We make it easy to start your incentives program. Our team will walk you through the process, including card customization, ordering, loading cards, and distribution, all through our Corporate Portal.

Ready to start your incentives program?

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