Expense Management

The Tools You Need to Manage Your Business Expenses

How the Netspend® Expense Management Prepaid Mastercard® helps you control the spending of company funds.

Card usage is subject to card activation and identity verification.[1]

Getting started.

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    Apply for an Account

    Fill out an application with information about your business. We will verify and approve your business, or ask you for additional information. Remember, there is no credit check.[1]

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    Set Up Cards

    Set up the cards your business needs. You can set up a maximum of 25 cards, and we will ship them once your account is verified and you pay for your subscription.

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    Choose Fee Plan

    There are three different fee plans. Choose the one that makes the most sense for your business. Your cards will ship after you pay the plan fees using a credit card or linked bank account.

    See Fee Plans

Adding money to employee Expense Cards.

Add or remove money from employee Expense Cards as business needs dictate.[2] You can see employee Expense Cards in the Online Account Center, or with the Netspend Expense Management Mobile App.[3]

View transaction history and reporting.

Netspend Expense Management helps you keep track of, view, and use your transaction history.

  • See transactions made by a single card
  • View the combined transaction history of your cards
  • Utilize one-click data exports so you can add your transaction history in accounting software

The Online Account Center and Mobile App.

In the Online Account Center and Mobile App,[3] you have the control you need at your fingertips:

  • Order Expense Cards[4] for an employee, team, spending category, or for yourself
  • Add and remove funds from cards[2]
  • Set daily spend limits[5]
  • Enable or disable ATM cash access

Employees have their own view, where they can check their balance, view transaction history, and see what spending restrictions apply to their Expense Card.

Create card categories for whatever your business needs it for.

In addition to cards with employees’ names on them, you can also create a card for specific use-cases. For example, if your business often needs to gas up vehicles, name it “Fuel Card.” Just pick the spending category, and name a card after it.

Control your funds.

Control how much money your employees have access to on an Expense Card.

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    Spending limits

    Create daily spending limits for each Expense Card.[5]

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    ATM access

    Determine which employee Expense Cards can withdraw cash[4] at ATMS.

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    Close Expense Cards

    Close an Expense Card through your Online Account Center or Mobile App,[3] and it will no longer be able to be used.

What it costs.

We have multiple subscription plans so you can choose the option that makes sense for you.[6]

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    $14.95 a month

    $3.95/month for each activated card.

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    $99.00 a year

    $3.95/month for each activated card.

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    $499.00 a year

    $0/month for each activated card.

The Netspend Expense Management Prepaid Mastercard

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