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3 Reasons Small Businesses Should Use Prepaid Instead of Business Credit Cards

Posted 2 days ago

Business expenses range from business travel to conferences, classes or events, to office supplies, utilities, fuel and dining. Businesses may consider a business credit card as the best way to pay for these expenses. But, before sending in that credit card application, business owners and decision makers should consider these factors and other expense management […]


Payroll Programs: 6 Key Benefits of Electronic Paycards for Businesses

Posted 3 weeks ago

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a small business, payroll distribution can be costly and complex. Improving your payroll system by making payments electronically could save your business money in processing costs, while making it simpler for employees to receive their earnings. The considerable advantages of adopting an electronic payroll distribution program include: […]


The Future of our Workforce: How You Pay Employees Can Pay Off For Your Bottom Line

Posted 1 month ago

By Jeff Johnson, senior vice president, Netspend Commercial Prepaid Today’s workforce is being shaped by a number of factors, including changing demographics and the growing number of millennials, the onslaught of new technology applications, more geographic distribution, the draw of the gig economy and more. Payroll has evolved over the last several decades but, even […]


Survey Results: How Modern Workforce Demands Are Influencing Today’s Payroll Processes

Posted 2 months ago

Earlier this year, Netspend partnered with HR Daily Advisor to conduct its annual Payroll Solutions Survey, focused on trends within the payroll field. The survey captured insights on how companies are adapting their payroll processes to respond to the demands of millennials, the forms of payroll payments that are most prevalent and opportunities for improvement. […]


PaymentsJournal Talks Digital Disbursements with Netspend SVP Jeff Johnson

Posted 2 months ago

Netspend Senior Vice President for Commercial Prepaid Jeff Johnson recently spoke with PaymentsJournal about the use of prepaid for small businesses, including how real-time payments and digital disbursements can revolutionize a company’s disbursement model. Jeff shared details on how Netspend delivers a full suite of prepaid options for its clients, focused on addressing cardholder needs […]