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How Netspend Can Help During Social Distancing

April 1, 2020

Woman social distancing at home

We understand these are tough times as we adjust to staying home more and social distancing from each other. It can be even tougher for those without bank accounts, but Netspend can help.

Netspend prepaid cards, specifically, offer:

  • No credit check1 because this is not a credit card
  • No-cost2 direct deposit
  • FDIC-insured funds by the issuing bank3
  • No minimum balance required
  • Acceptance everywhere Debit Mastercard®and Visa® debit cards are accepted

Sign Up Now

You can sign up for a Card Account and start taking advantage of these benefits:

  1. Buy groceries & takeout online

You can use your Netspend Prepaid Card to shop online at grocery stores and either have your groceries delivered right to your doorstep or use a curbside pickup service, so you can avoid going inside the supermarket. You can also use your Card to order takeout to support local restaurants in your area.

  1. Get paid up to 2 days faster with Direct Deposit4

Enroll to receive direct deposit of your government benefits or paycheck funds to your Card Account and get them up to 2 days faster.4 Avoid waiting in line to cash your check. Learn more here.

  1. Pay your bills remotely5

With your Netspend Prepaid Card you can pay your bills over the phone or through your utility service’s online portal, instead of in person.

  1. Stream movies & TV shows

Sign up for streaming services using your Card, so you can watch movies or episodes of your favorite tv shows from the comfort of your couch or bed.

  1. Use Mobile Check Load6

Stop waiting in lines to cash your checks and load them to your Card Account with your smartphone. Learn more about Mobile Check Load.

  1. Send money to friends & family7

Send or receive money using your Netspend Account. See the different ways you can send money.

  1. Reload locations8 are still open

If you have cash that you need to load to your Netspend Card Account, you can do so at a reload location. Almost all of our reload locations are still open during shelter-in-place orders because they are essential businesses. Use our location finder to find the one closest to you.

If you need to reach Netspend customer service, you can see how to contact us here.

Please stay safe and healthy.