Gretarshii Received Her MBA in October 2017

Gretarshii worked towards accomplishing her MBA longer than she expected. She had to put off pursuing any kind of higher education to take care of her family.  “I was a single mother of three that was stuck working dead end jobs, trying to make a living and provide for my family."

When we first met Gretarshii, she was in danger of not realizing her dream. “I have a total of 5 classes left before finishing the MBA Project Management program at Columbia Southern University.”

It was a goal that she wanted to achieve for a long time but she had just lost her job in the closure of ITT. When she attended Community Connect 2016 she was out of work and her dream seemed out of reach.

Thanks to the generosity of our partner sponsors, we are happy to report that her MBA is no longer a goal. Gretarshii completed the program, received her MBA and graduated in October of 2017! She is now a site recruiter hiring manager and is working with Netspend to offer paycards to her employees.

Gretarshii is “So, humbly thankful for this opportunity to share my story. If I can just help and encourage one person to continue Keep Moving Forward and not give up on their education.”

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