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How to Get and Use a Virtual Card Number

Posted 2 weeks ago

Not all card issuers offer virtual card numbers, but a few of them do, including Capital One, Citi, and Netspend.1 To get a virtual card number for your Netspend Account, sign in to your Online Account Center to create your temporary number. You’ll select which prepaid card you want to link to the virtual card number. Once your […]

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Paying with Your Digital Wallet or Phone: What You Need to Know

Posted 5 months ago

If you’ve shopped your favorite store lately, you may have noticed signs letting you know that you can now pay with your phone. With this method of payment growing in popularity, even smaller shops are getting in on the trend. What should you know about using your phone or digital wallet to pay? Here are […]

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Government Stimulus Check FAQs

Posted 1 year ago

The Treasury Department and IRS have announced more information around the distribution of the government stimulus package/checks, or, as they’re calling it, economic impact payments (EIP). For the most up-to-date information go here. Here is some helpful information from that website: When are stimulus checks anticipated to go out? On March 30, the IRS said […]

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How Netspend Can Help During Social Distancing

Posted 1 year ago

We understand these are tough times as we adjust to staying home more and social distancing from each other. It can be even tougher for those without bank accounts, but Netspend can help. Netspend prepaid cards, specifically, offer: No credit check1 because this is not a credit card No-cost2 direct deposit FDIC-insured funds by the […]

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Pro Tip: How to Pay with Your Digital Wallet

Posted 1 year ago

Going digital has certainly changed the way we listen to music and watch TV, so it should come as no surprise that it’s changed the way we pay for things too. Now you can make purchases using what’s called your digital wallet. And don’t worry, if you’re not really sure what a digital wallet is […]

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Pro Tip: Reduce Your Risk of Fraud with a Virtual Account

Posted 1 year ago

  In a world where data breaches are all too common, using a Virtual Account can help protect you from fraudulent charges when you shop online or by phone. If you’re familiar with digital wallets, Virtual Accounts are similar in that they use a digital account number. However, they provide an added level of protection […]

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Your 2018 Tax Refund FAQs

Posted 3 years ago

We’ve put together the answers to the most common tax questions we receive from Netspend Prepaid Cardholders, so you’ll be prepared when you file your taxes this year. If you have questions that aren’t answered here, check our main FAQs or contact customer service at 1-866-387-7363. What is the status of my tax refund? Netspend […]

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Pro Tip: Authorization Holds

Posted 5 years ago

Let’s say one morning you get up, you get ready for work, and stop for gas along the way. You use your Netspend card to pay at the pump, fill up your tank, and you’re on your way. Later in the day you check your balance and notice that your balance is almost $100 dollars […]

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Pro Tip: Want to Avoid ATM Fees? This One Trick May Save You Money

Posted 5 years ago

The views expressed within the blog do not represent or reflect the view of MetaBank®, National Association, or Association. ATMs are very convenient, but they often have fees associated with withdrawing money. That’s why this simple tip can help you get the cash you need while saving on fees.* Use the Cash Back option You can’t […]