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Your Guide to the 1099-MISC Tax Form

Posted 21 hours ago

  Even if you have a professional do your taxes, it’s a smart move to become familiar with all of the paperwork needed to file a proper tax return. One of the forms that may be new to you this year is a 1099-MISC. A common tax form for self-employed workers, a 1099-MISC is an […]


Truth or Scam: Protect Yourself from Fraud

Posted 21 hours ago

A new report released by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners revealed fraud cases are on the rise. In “November 2020, 79% of respondents said they saw an increase in the overall level of fraud”, which steadily rose throughout 2020. This is thought to be in part due to COVID-19 and the resulting financial hardships that people […]

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The Benefits of Direct Deposit and How to Set it Up

Posted 1 month ago

  No one wants to schlep to work on their day off to pick up a paycheck or wait for it to arrive in the mail, especially when you’ve got bills to pay. But there’s another way to get paid that’s better and faster1 than an old-fashioned paper check — direct deposit. Once you’re signed […]

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Paying with Your Digital Wallet or Phone: What You Need to Know

Posted 3 months ago

If you’ve shopped your favorite store lately, you may have noticed signs letting you know that you can now pay with your phone. With this method of payment growing in popularity, even smaller shops are getting in on the trend. What should you know about using your phone or digital wallet to pay? Here are […]


How to Spot and Avoid Unemployment Scams

Posted 5 months ago

Over the past few months, millions of people have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, many Americans are applying for unemployment benefits and are struggling to find work. Sadly, with so many people applying for benefits, unemployment scams are rife and hard to avoid. In Washington state alone, $300 million was […]


Your Guide to Filing for Unemployment Benefits

Posted 6 months ago

When you lose your job or have your hours reduced, it can create a great deal of stress in an already difficult time. Even if you’re not making any money, your monthly bills still need to get paid. While you’re looking for a new job, unemployment benefits provide temporary income to help cover your monthly […]


What You Need to Know About ChexSystems and Early Warning Services

Posted 8 months ago

Can’t get a checking or savings account? You might be in the ChexSystems or Early Warning Services databases which are used by banks to determine whether to let you open a savings or checking account. These are two of the primary Bank Account Screening Consumer Reporting Agencies. What is a Bank Account Screening Consumer Reporting […]


What You Can Learn if You’ve Been Scammed

Posted 10 months ago

Being scammed can feel like having your home invaded. Your trust level goes down, and you are determined not to let it happen again. If you’ve been a victim of a scam, there are valuable lessons that can be learned. Here are a few examples of what you can do to prevent being scammed in […]


Why Prepaid Cards and Gift Cards Are Not the Same

Posted 1 year ago

Over the years, both prepaid cards and gift cards have evolved to be more consumer friendly. They now come with a variety of features that are designed to make them a great payment method for the consumer. However, before you decide to load money onto either of these payment options, it’s important to know the […]

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Pro Tip: How to Pay with Your Digital Wallet

Posted 1 year ago

Going digital has certainly changed the way we listen to music and watch TV, so it should come as no surprise that it’s changed the way we pay for things too. Now you can make purchases using what’s called your digital wallet. And don’t worry, if you’re not really sure what a digital wallet is […]

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Popular Scams of 2019 & How to Avoid Them

Posted 1 year ago

Phishing, Nigerian letter fraud, and ransomware are scamming tactics that have been used for years, but they’re capturing new victims through an ever-increasing degree of sophistication. This year, phishing – an attempt to get your sensitive information through seemingly trustworthy electronic communications – accounted for 90% of all data breaches, having grown by 65% in […]


5 Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Financial Goals

Posted 2 years ago

If you’ve decided that it’s time to work on setting goals that will help you achieve more financial balance and financial security, you deserve a hearty pat on the back. It’s time to take more control of your finances and start dictating more of your future, but before you’re off to the races, take the […]

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Insights from the Netspend Income Volatility Report

Posted 2 years ago

The prevalence of income volatility may surprise most Americans. But, with the gig economy expanding and self-employment rates increasing, a larger, more diverse group of people are experiencing frequent changes in income. May 29, 2019 — More Americans are grappling with unpredictable incomes. What’s more, they’re doing so without additional support from employers or the […]


10 Tax Mistakes that Could Cost You

Posted 3 years ago

This is a preview of a post from the Liberty Tax blog. The views expressed within the blog are those of Liberty Tax and do not necessarily represent or reflect the view of Netspend®, MetaBank®, or Association. For the entire post, please click here. Most people wish to be done with their taxes as quickly […]


Setting Financial Goals: A Guide to What Should be Included

Posted 3 years ago

Everyone wants to be able to enjoy financial peace of mind, but achieving that goal can be difficult, especially when it seems like there is always a new financial fire to be put out. A medical bill or unexpected car repair can be enough to put you behind and make achieving financial stability seem like […]