Andrew Got the Job of His Dreams

Andrew is a United States Veteran and has a goal of becoming a specialized scuba diving instructor one day. The initial step towards his career goal was to obtain a Rebreather Instructor Certification. In 2016, Andrew was selected as one of Netspend’s scholarship recipients, and he went on to pursue his certification.

After Andrew obtained his Rebreather Certification. He was able to get the job of his dreams in Montana with a commercial diving company. As Andrew puts it, “I can’t imagine doing anything else.” He now travels throughout the United States, doing what he loves. He does any kind of dive work that you can imagine: underwater welding, proxy repairs, water tower repairs, etc.

Andrew mentioned that he wouldn’t have had this opportunity without Netspend paying for his certification. The Netspend family is excited to see Andrew’s journey towards his ultimate career goal as a specialized scuba instructor.

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