Load your card with a NetSpend Reload Pack

NetSpend Reload Pack

(Purchase): Locate the REloadit™ Pack in the prepaid mall and take it to any register. Tell the cashier or associate the amount you want to add to your NetSpend card. You can load any amount between $20 and $500. The minimum and maximum load amounts may vary by retailer. The cashier or associate will scan the pack, take the dollar amount you want loaded, and activate the pack. Your money is now ready for you to load to your NetSpend card (see Step 3). A fee of up to $3.95 may be charged for each REloadit Pack.

(Scratch off REloadit Pack number): When you are ready to move the funds from the REloadit Pack to your NetSpend card, gently remove the security scratch-off on the back of the pack to reveal the REloadit Pack number.

(Loading Your Card): Visit www.reloadit.com or dial 888-633-9434; you will need: (A) your REloadit Pack number and (B) the 16-digit number on the front your NetSpend card.

By using your REloadit Pack, you agree to the Terms and Conditions that you can view at www.reloadit.com or receive by mail by calling 888-633-9434.

REloadit Packs have no value until purchased and activated at checkout. You must complete the reload process in order for your funds to be transferred to your NetSpend card. For limitations and restrictions on funds transferred to your card account, see the Cardholder Agreement for your account. This product may not be refunded at the store for any reason. To request a refund, please call REloadit Customer Care at 888-633-9434.